"Do your business without worrying"

Traders and part concerns the purchase and use of new digital currency from individuals or businesses if the falling value as the user continues to lack of new coins.
The problem may be issued a new digital currency that the user is small, the value of the issue price continues to fall eventually to 0 $.
K2ph resolve your concerns in a way offering to repurchase from its headquarters to the issue price.

   K2ph = monetary value 100% Guarantee


K2ph is a new concept of digital currencies that maintained the benefits of digital currencies and complement the disadvantages of digital currencies.

The only digital currency that Keeps assets such as gold or dollars. Features of asset growth, fast and convenient payment functionality, including a foreign exchange transactions

With a 100% guarantee worth the risk-free investment and will provide an annual interest of 3% of the account balance of your wallet. It also provides increased profits and interest due on the value of the K2ph.


  • Coin name: K2ph (case sensitive)
  • Coin unit: 1k2
  • Total issue volume: 500 million
  • 1 to 1000: 124000
  • ~ 4000: 62000
  • ~ 10000: 31000
  • After block 0.02
  • 6 months 0.001 half period
  • 0.001 FIX
  • pos mining 0


Various trading

K2ph provide a quick and convenient foreign exchange to support the currency of each country in the future and be able to easily buy and sell in the markets.

In-kind Mortgage

Please be assured like such as gold, or US dollars deal to provide in-kind Mortgage and can develop and utilize a more aggressive business model through the K2ph.

Security system

K2ph designed by the development team made in the information and security field has worked with more than 10 years of experience are safely stored on Hard Wallet. It will be issued to the customer when necessary.

Repurchase Guarantee

Please reassurance to repurchase guarantee with headquarters in traders, individuals or companies can be used. Safety of existing money, and advantage of digital currencies. You can enjoy the two at the same time.


   K2ph Window wallet

Keep the K2ph, wallet that can transmit and receive interest.
The interest of 10% per annum for the deposit balance will be paid.
Try right now experience the convenience of K2ph after download